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Project Description: Global maintenance of 3# power plants with Solar turbo-generators. The Equipment matter are shall be installed at the following locations:

  • N° 4 turbo generators installed in Hammar IPF;
  • N° 2 Turbo generators installed in Zubair IPF;
  • N° 2 Turbo generators installed in Rafdya IPF;

Each PGP (Power Generation Plant) listed above is composed but not limited by:

The entire skidded package GTG, including:

  • Gas Turbine and all interconnected auxiliaries (gear reducer, starting system, couplings, Fire Fight
  • system, Gas monitoring system, Air intake system, Gas fuel system, Lube oil cooling system UCP;
  • 11 kV Generator, AVR, control panel;
  • Turbine service MCC, Battery and Charger;
  • Auxiliary Electrical Motors and Electrical Power Distribution;
  • Main Electrical Substation;
  • MV 11 kV Switchboard;
  • LV switchboards, (MCC, Distribution Boards, Emergency Board);
  • UPS’s, AC/DC Rectifier, battery charger, Battery;
  • Utility distribution system;
  • Oil and Dry Step-up/down Transformers;
  • All Power and control Cables between PGP and EDG to main Substation, all, internal substation cables,
  • Black start / Emergency Diesel generators skidded package (EDG) including: Diesel daily tank, battery
  • charger, heaters, enclosure, lighting, fire alarm system.

The scope of work includes, in addition to the skidded package, all equipment devices that considered as a part of the power generation plant as follows but not limited to:

  • Self-containing enclosures;
  • Starting system;
  • Lube and control oil systems;
  • The frames and the connecting pipes and cables;
  • Control system: local instruments and transmitters, transducers, local gauge panel, UCP (PLC with  monitor) installed either locally or in control room, connecting cables and tubing;
  • Firefighting system: control devices, connecting cables and detectors when located inside the self-containing enclosures;
  • Ventilation system, for self-containing enclosures;
  • Air intake system, including filters, boxes and connecting pipes, pulse jet cleaning system;
  • Exhaust system, including discharge stack;
  • Noise and thermal protections, part of the package;
  • All accessory items, installed aside the package, including the Instrument air compressors link to PGP  and/or RMS;
  • Drains and vents, to the atmosphere, up to the close out valve;
  • PSV valves installed on the machines and appurtenances;
  • Exhaust Gas analyzer;
  • Fuel gas system (filter, PCV, reducer, PSV, heaters and KO drum);
  • Gas turbine shelters;
  • Lifting gears such inclusive of overhead crane;
  • Medium Voltage Motors within the apckage;
  • Non EX and EX LV electrical Motors within the apckage;
  • DC Electrical Motors within the apckage;
  • MCC Electrical Boards;
  • LV Power distribution boards;
  • Earthing system and Earthling protection;
  • D.C. system: inverter, batteries, connection and control devices;
  • Tools and Special tools required to carry out the maintenance activities;
  • In addition, the following interconnecting, appurtenances and auxiliary systems, related specifically to the  various types of PGF and/or RMS, are included:

o    Power generator sets;

o    Generator and related accessories. (AVR, space heaters, rotating diodes, etc.);

o    Main drive electric motor;

o    MCC, local push button box, local instruments, interconnecting cables;

o    Generator electrical protection syste;

o    Synchronization System, load sheering and load shedding.

​Scope of the service ​: 

The Scope of Service shall be performed under C​ONTRACTOR ​’s complete responsibility and includes following activities and requirements for Each PGP (Power Generation Plant):

  • Collect the technical data, documents and drawings;
  • Review and verify the technical data, documents and drawings;
  • Development of well recognized maintenance policy targets/results oriented;
  • Configuration of maintenance functional verifications and Maintenance Instructions;
  • Short, medium and long terms planning including plant inspection;
  • Assist through the activities planning the execution of all maintenance interventions (Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, including Predictive Maintenance, Minor Modifications and Improvements) necessary for achieving durable plant conditions by necessary interventions for restoring
  • and maintain the plant to their original conditions;
  • Implementation and planning of plant turnaround in agreement with the recognized standards and statutory inspection;
  • Management of the entire process of maintenance activities, starting from identifying to the activity execution and close out/registration;
  • Implement the Maintenance Engineering, Failures and downtime analysis, recommendation for improvements;
  • Optimize the maintenance plan and material management;
  • Proposals for technical Improvements;
  • Materials specification and technical evaluation for purchasing process;
  • Spare parts requirements definition and analysis for Maintenance’s items;
  • Issuance of technical specification for material procurement.   ​

Camp locations: Basra, Iraq

Sites locations: The activities are located in 3 sites in Basra, 1st and 2nd sites are 15 minutes distance by car from the camp. The distance between the 3rd site and camp location is 40 minutes.

Airport of Arrival: Basra International Airport

Rotation: 30 days On / 30 days Off

Working hours: 12 hours per day / 7 days per week. Travel time from Camp to Sites and vice versa are not included in the working hours.

Visa: a LOI will be issued after submitting the necessary documentation. At Basra airport our Immigration Officer will support you in obtaining an Arrival Working Visa.

A Hepatitis B and HIV analysis are mandatory before documentation submission. Candidates with Positive results will not proceed in this project.

Transportation from Airport to Camp:

Before your departure a Security & Safety procedure will be sent to you.

After obtaining the Arrival Working Visa a company representative will welcome you at the airport and escort out of the airport you with an approved taxi.

Outside the airport an armored car will pick up and transport you to the camp. Before transportation a short briefing will be held and a bulletproof vest will be delivered to you.

Each car will have a driver and an armed security guard and the trip duration is about 15 minutes

A second Hepatitis B and HIV analysis will be held during the 1st week of your arrival to the camp.

Contract: the employment contract will be for one year extendable up to 3 years.

Travelling days:

  • Departure from home country to Basra International Airport: the daily rate will be recognized for each travelling day.
  • Return from Basra International Airport to home country: a daily rate will be recognized only for your departure day.

Flight Class: Economy


  • For Engineers (Supervisors) positions: accommodation in a double room to share with another colleague;

Meals: Breakfast and dinner will be provided in camp. Lunch will be provided on site.

Daily rate: 150 USD per working & Travel day. The daily rate includes working hours (12 hours per day) transportation from Camp to site and vice versa. Please note you shall not be paid for off days while you stay at home with your family. However employer shall provide all air tickets for such travels to make.

PPE: Will be delivered on site.

Phone expenses: a local SIM card will be delivered for each person, Renco allows a maximum of 20 USD for each rotation. would like to point out that if we do not receive the scanned copies of the receipts (phone cards), relative to phone expenses, we cannot reimburse the same.


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